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We support our design with our manufacturing knowledge. We produce quality, useful and minimal products by using wood, which is a valuable material for us. As Ananas, we choose the highest quality woods. We carefully shape them with the harmonious work of our designers and craftsmen. Our design and production approach are combines innovative manufacturing technologies and craftsmanship. Every product we design and produce, different traces in terms of pattern and texture. So each product is unique. It also strengthens the interaction between the user and the product.


+ Craftsmanship and local production.

We are happy to contribute to the survival of the wooden craftsmanship and local production techniques that are disappearing as a result of industrialization. With the reappreciation of handicrafts, we protect the legacy of both today’s artisans and all anonymous furniture designers in history.


+ We are environmentally friendly.

We use wood raw materials with minimum waste and offer them a long second life. Thus, it is essential for us to be gentle with the material. This is what makes all Ananas products different, even if they are in the same product line. Furthermore, we donate one sapling to the Bergama-Kınık Forest, managed by the Aegean Forest Foundation, for every product sold at Ananas Workshop.


+ We are user friendly.

Our natural surface oil treatments are environmentally-friendly procedures that preserve the beauty of wood, and the oils used do not contain VOC or formaldehyde. These organic oils meet the EN 71-3 (safety of toys) requirements. Furthermore, the surface resistance of our products has been proven by EN 12720:2014 and EN 12722:2014 certifications. Considering the possibility of wood coming into contact with food, we wanted to use the best surface oil for you. Awarded by Eurofins, the Fit For Food certificate is important for the production and testing of food contact products and is considered essential due to market demands. Therefore, we use surface oils that fully comply with the legal requirements in Europe regarding food contact surfaces and that have been awarded the Fit For Food certificate by Eurofins.


+ We are selective about materials.

Only kiln-dried wood is used in Ananas’ products (the moisture content varies between 6 percent and 10 percent). Our raw materials, which are of the ideal quality for use in furniture, are lumbers legally sourced from tree farms. The materials carefully selected for each product are meticulously processed for you. Please contact us in case of any problem with the material so that we can identify the problem with our supply or production and meet your needs.


+ Sustainability is important.

Longevity and durability are the main features of Ananas products. We are happy to know that our products, which are produced with minimum waste, can be used by future generations.


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